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Thai Red Vein Kratom Powder - One Ounce


wanna add some spice to your life...?I cook with the Bhut jolokia goast prper most the time....or ill add a little to my kratom....(very little )...I was told that 1 oz. should last me 1 now workin on my 3rd oz. musta misplaced one in my now getting ready to get my 4th. oz./ if I don't find the misplaced be careful with this stuff....I meen don't get it on your fingers and touch your eye.....for that matter....(DONT TOUCH YOURSELF ANYWARE) works for a varity of things....clears the sinus...and you can REALY SPICE UP THE COOKIN..!i used to add cyanne to my drinks.....times are its a matchhead of the GHOST 1,1& white & teaspoon of each in my grapefruit juice...3 drinks a day make my day go by just pain in my lower fused not tired....and actually getting things done as ware im lookin for more things to do.......I highly recommend the jolokia ..,the red vein ,white vein, & the green leaf....mine truly.. Kratom..+ /sr.
Date Added: 04/04/2015 by steven romano

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